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Frances Lynn Sally
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Key West, FL & Cape May, NJ
Hog's Breath Saloon, 1990's
During the gig at the Hog's Breath during the first week I met Tim, Danny, Ross, and Randy, I brought Danny a birthday cake. The Publix bakery was closed, but the manager and I found the pastry tubes in a drawer and I wrote "Happy Birthday, Danny" on the cake myself. The manager offered me a job!
Probably seeing and hearing them this past August in Cambridge, MA as an acoustic duo. It embodied all the reasons I have come to love Tim and Danny: a pure and true performance that moved me to tears.
Retired from high school and college teaching and administration, I am currently working part time as an editor.
I enjoy all types of music, especially if it is live.
Just finished editing Volume One of The Soul of Key West by Ralph DePalma. This is a book about Key West music, filled with photos and interviews with the performers who make up the Key West music scene today. Check it out at
I would also like to comment about the great group of people I have met through the Carter Brothers. They certainly attract a rare and varied crew of followers. Proud to be a part of this eclectic bunch!


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