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3 years ago
3 years ago


John & Gay
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Key West, FL
Belmont, NH
Jan. 2001, Hogs Breath!
My sister and husband "discovered" the Carter Bros Band
Mid January 2001 on a night out while visiting us.
They were adamant we had to go out the following night
to hear this most incredible band. Sister Jewel went nuts
for Timmy's "The Lick" and both were blown away by Danny's
guitar riffs, Timmy's mandolin and fiddle playing and Ross's
bass! At the time Rick was their drummer and he was fabulous!!!!
During their break we met them, chatted and have been friends and die hard fans ever since!
Gay's: Copper Head Road, Road to Jerusalem with Vassar Clemens.... John: Tears of an angel, Sin, Woman at the Well......
When they, Danny, Timmy, Ross and Rick,
came to our town and played at a benefit.
They stayed with us in NH and Mass. Getting to know them
as friends as well as musicians has been so rewarding!
John is a manufacturing consultant, traveling world wide. Gay use to own her own company as a sales rep for data communications equipment companies and is now retired. Hobbies: Music.....Hosting family and friends at their NH lakeside home and Key West.


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