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Jackman Skolfield
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De Leon Springs, FL
Auburn, Maine
Hogs Breath Saloon, 2004 or 2005?
They were the late night band following the Bruce and Red Show at the Hog's Breath and invited Red (my late husband) to sit in with them. I remember their Jaw Dropping, Toe Tapping, Standing Room Only, Kick Ass DANCE MUSIC!
We've Got Work To Do is my most favorite song because it states a fact, "Sweet Jesus take me by the hand gotta spread this word all across the land, WE GOT WORK TO DO!"
Fixing meals at the Treehouse with Tim, Danny and Brian during the recording of So Far, late night at the Green Parrot, Blue Heaven breakfasts... all memories are good ;)
Wellness Coach, Self Healing and Spiritual Studies, Helping Others
Blue Grass, Folk Music, and my son's original music, Josh We Know
Tim and Danny are not only great musicians, they are great guys. I treasure all memories with them.


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