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3 years ago
3 years ago


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Key West, FL
Dover, NJ
Long time ago 20 years in Sloppy Joes
No had too much to drink
Carolina Backyards, love the harmony and the way it makes me feel
Hog’s Breath Shows
Sell Real Estate in Key West, Music is my hobby
Bluegrass, Country and Folk
Question you always wanted to ask Danny or Tim but did not (will be published with the answer if they choose to answer it): Do you really have a license for that Banjo?
Tim’s answer: When I was attending Hogjaw School Of Banjo in the mountains of NC back in 1961 I took an oath to make the banjo a respectable southern instrument... you are issued a license (diploma) when you complete the 7 and 7/8 yr course... Of course I had to repeat my part cause I was smoking a lot of pot and kept forgetting what I'd learned... I finally learned my ways and got serious about being a professional banjoist... but still, I have to go every 5 yrs and prove myself worthy of presenting the banjo to the public... If all is well then my license is renewed... thanks for asking.


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