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Links to Carter Brothers Related Websites

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There are all sorts of sites on the Internet where you can learn about the Carter Brothers music, band members, and friends.  Below is a sampling of some of the places you may want to go from time to time:

Carter Brothers Band main site: This is one-stop shopping for all things related to the Carter Brothers.  New tour dates are often posted here first.


MySpace Sites for Danny Carter, Tim Carter, Carter Brothers Band, and Tree-O Records (the band’s self-styled record label).


Tree-O Records Main Site: Together with their friend and business partner Brian Budzinski, Danny and Tim have launched a record label that is signing up some outstanding artists including Chris Cook.


Chris Cook: Chris is a unique talent, playing a genre that he sometimes calls “funky country”.  His first CD produced by Tree-O Records, Life Is Good, is one of his best.


Summervilla: Long-time Carter Brothers Band bassist Ross Sermons has recorded several albums at his ancestral home in North Carolina, with the Carter Brothers among other artists taking part.  Check out this site and learn more about this project!


Hog’s Breath Saloon: The world-famous music venue has featured the Carter Brothers for years.  They put on a great show there, and other terrific artists and Carter Brothers compadres – including Chris Cook, Joel Nelson and Bruce Isaacson – play there regularly as well.  A great way to watch the band when they play at the Hog is via the HogCam, which can be accessed here:


Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival: For the last five years, the Carter Brothers have played at this wonderful event honoring the late, great Irish banjo player Johnny Keenan.  It takes place in Longford, Ireland in late September each year.  Each night, Irish folk and American bluegrass bands alternate in the Longford Arms Ballroom, and impromptu performances take place at all hours of the day and night throughout the town during the festival.


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