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About the Carter Brothers Fan Club

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Some years ago, I was at the annual ‘Folk Life Festival’ held on the national mall in Washington, DC.  My wife and I passed a section featuring bluegrass music that included a live performance.  I thought to myself, ‘Oh, please, I hope Emily does not want to stop and listen to that.’  If there was one genre of music that did not appeal to me, it was definitely that – or so I thought.

Today I am the President of the Carter Brothers Fan Club, and their music draws heavily on bluegrass (among other genres).  What happened?  It seems that the brothers amazing music spans genres and in so doing, is creating a new one.  It is also helping thousands of people around the world realize that they can be thrilled by music that they had previously dismissed as regional, exotic, whatever. 

Not only does the Carter Brothers Band span genres, but they span generations.  On two separate occasions recently, I went to hear them play in North Carolina – where the best guitar players all seem to come from – and I was joined in the crowd by my mother, bass player Ross Sermons’ mother (and nephew), fan club VP Cindy Butler’s mother, and Mama Carter herself!  Clearly, they were there to be with and support their children, but also because they flat-out loved the music.  One of those performances was on mother’s day – a gorgeous open-air concert in Davidson, NC sponsored by Rusty Knox (see related projects page of this site).  What a day that was!  (Read Bob Cashion’s excellent review of that concert on the Fan Club Facebook page.) 

Producing great music, breaking barriers, making friends – some of the many wonderful things this band is about!


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