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Carter Bros & Fans in Key West in Photos (Jan. 2016)

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I often conclude the series of blogs on the band's trips to Key West with some previously unpublished photos and a little text in between.  So here goes.  

I really like this one of Danny and Dann playing.


key west jan 2016 batch 1 023 crop


Carter Bros music inspires each person in a different way!  Here is one of guy who came multiple nights and played harmonica along with the band, with great energy and seriousness, from the parking lot.  

jan 2016 3 004 crop


Selfies with the band!


jan 2016 3 003 crop

Super fans Nancy Mayhew and Joan Robbins (in from San Diego once again).  I once called Joan a "huge fan" and that didn't go over too well......  These two are as good friends and fans as a band could ever have or want.  And the band played some of their favorite songs, like "Carolina Backroads" for Nancy. jan 2016 2 001 crop


Of course there were those great fans from Michigan, Randy and Christine West!


key west jan 2016 batch 1 006 crop


Diane Jackman and her husband Don are terrific friends of the band from Maine and come down every January for a big friends of the Carter Bros reunion of sorts.  Here they are with another great fan, Gail Hardy, our resident (though retired) nurse.

key west jan 2016 batch 1 009 crop

Last but not least, here is Steve, the Hog's Breath employee who played covers between sets on the last night that kept everyone dancing and ensured a big crowd for the Carter Brothers final set of the week.  

jan 2016 3 011 crop


OK, that's it y'all.   Thanks for taking part in the week whether in person or via the Internet.  The band and I appreciate everyone who helped make it a successful and enjoyable week.  Post your own pictures (as  many have already done) on the Fan Club Facebook page.   

Prepared by Alex Counts, President, Carter Brothers Fan Club

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