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A Great First Set & Celebrating an Engagement

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The Carter Brothers arrived yesterday in Key West, three by way of a 17 hour drive from Nashville.  Their fans began gathering too, both those who flew in from around the country and those based in this island paradise known as Key West.March 2015 Danny Tim photo

The first set at the Hog’s Breath was preceded by a brief downpour, but still the place was packed.  I can’t recall any Monday night when there were more people listening to the band play at this venue.  And they were treated to a extra-long set that included some of Danny’s best songs (“Shelby Street,” “Green River,” and “Work To Do”), Tim’s beautiful “Waltz for Earl” (which gave everyone a chance to catch their breath), their strongest co-written songs (“Fatback” and “Road to Roosky”), and the traditional songs and cover tunes they do so well (“What Does the Deep Sea Say” and “Mr. Spaceman”).   It was not just a big crowd, but a music-loving (rather than just partying) crowd, and that made being there and taking in the songs all the more fun, at least for this fan.  Danny’s guitar solos on “Yellow Moon” were especially impressive.  Sometimes the band can sound a little rough when they are working out the kinks during a first set after not playing together for a few weeks.  Not last night though!

March 2015 Darrin ElisabethAlready here are Elisabeth Morkaut and her freshly minted fiancé Darrin, and members of their extended family, celebrating their engagement, as well as my friends Andy and Peg Walton from Washington. Tim dedicated "Waltz for Earl" to Elisabeth and Darrin.  

More fans from around the country will be arriving as the week goes on, culminating in our 8th "Friends of the Carter Brothers" picnic on the Ft. Zachary Taylor Beach/Park on Saturday, 12pm-3pm. 

Due to a medical emergency involving one of the staff at the Hog’s Breath, the second set started late and was truncated to three songs.  Before long, three members of the band and me were having pizza around the corner and reflecting on the day, and our journeys getting here.  We decided not to go anywhere else, as there is a lot of week ahead of us and much fun to be had.  March 2015 fans

Today those of us here will go in search of great music, food and drink -- and each other -- as we gear up for another night with our heroes and their fans.  

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