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Top Memories from the January Shows in Key West

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It has been something of a tradition for me to write one final blog after a week with the Carter Brothers in places like Key West (or after the Bang Bang tour in North Carolina during the summer of 2013). 

The theme is listing my favorite memories from the week, and inviting others to share their lists on the Fan Club Facebook page or in the comments section of this blog. Well, here goes again as I await the March shows in Key West:

  1. Seeing drummer extraordinaire Randy Morrow play with the Carter Brothers again, filling in at the last minute when the amazing Dann Sherrill got stuck in Atlanta.  And of course hearing Randy play THE LICK as only he can!  (See, you should have come down Charlie Anderson!)danny and tim by ralph de palma

  2. Celebrating super-fan and music expert Sally Galbraith’s birthday with several dozen Carter Brothers fans at Schooner Wharf with Diane Jackman and her husband Don joining as well as Elisabeth Morkaut and her in-laws (oops, her beau’s parents – I’m getting ahead of myself again), and also raising a toast to Joan Robbins and the late, great Richard Crooks (who also had January birthdays).  Great cake, Steve Mellette, and thanks to the band for 100% participation!                   

  3. Paul Cotton of Poco fame (who has “retired” in Key West) sitting in with the band for three songs, most memorably with Deb Hudson singing with him on his former #1 hit “Heart of the Night.”  (And getting videos of all three songs uploaded to the Fan Club Facebook page.)  And how cool to see Deb Hudson's drummer Lee Venters join his idol Paul Cotton on the drums for one of those songs and play so well -- Wow!

  4. The Carter Brothers keeping us on our toes by bringing out at least one new, seldom-played song during each show -- "Freight Train" Saturday night, oh yeah! Such versatility...
  5. The size and diversity of the crowds at the Hog’s Breath, especially mid-week – great mixtures of awe-struck tourists and rabid Carter Brothers fans. 

  6. Hearing Bill Blue and his super-tight band play the Green Parrot Soundcheck Sunday as only he can (augmented by Deb Hudson singing background vocals mostly but also lead on two songs).  Check out Bill's new CD Mojolation – it’s great!  I am actually listening to it as I write this blog).

  7. The dinner at Camille’s hosted by long-time fans Emalyn Mercer and Rich Houde for the band and a few fans (including one very young one who nonetheless knows the lyrics to all the band’s songs).  Most special was the fact that we feasted on fish that Rich had caught off his boat hours before.  (Not so good was the over-eating Dann and I indulged in.) 

  8. Two late night sessions talking about music and the absurdity of life – one with Dann over pizza and one with Randy at the Parrot (drummers have unique and interesting perspectives, it seems).

  9. Arriving a few days early for once, to enjoy some nights listening to other musicians like Caffeine Carl or (gasp!) turning in early for once. 

  10. Mark Vernon's great playing, singing and most important -- hilarious jokes about Southern culture.
  11. Getting so many opportunities to listen to Joel Nelson play his fun and soothing acoustic music at various venues around town – and then having him surprise us by joining me, his wife, and his daughter on the dance floor Thursday night when the Carter Brothers were wrapping up their first set. And speaking of dancing -- all the crazy times on the floor with Cindy Walker and Nancy Mayhew!  Those ladies wrecked me (hurts so good).

  12. Getting to know Jeff Clark’s musical collaborator Claire Finley and hearing them play as a duo twice at Blue Heaven.  What a fun, quirky and talented person she is!

  13. Seeing Ralph de Palma so often and having him take great photos of our heroes and post some of the best on the Fan Club Facebook page.  (One of his great pictures is included in this blog above.)

  14. Getting to finally meet super-fan Elisabeth Morkaut’s music-loving parents. 

  15. The many messages from people around the world watching on the HogCam each night.

Well, that’s it for now.  See you all in March – when the Carter Brothers play seven nights starting March 23 at the Hog’s Breath and also will be involved in Shoe Burnin’ events March 22 and 25.  And that means you, Shelly, Andrea, Charlie, Rhonda, Ted, Christine, Randy, Deanna, Dave, Sherrie, Joan, Andy, Peg, etc....

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