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Related People and Projects

Related People and Projects

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People and organizations associated with the band have a variety of projects that may be of interest to fans.

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Tree O Records. Based in Nashville and Boston, this start-up independent record label has been launched by Brian Budzinski in collaboration with Danny and Tim Carter. The first two albums from this label are Danny's amazing "Barcelona" effort and Tim's incomparable "Bang Bang". Tree O will work under the Americana/Indie umbrella. Chris Cook, an amazing musician and good friend of the founders of the label, has now signed on and is in the midst of recording an incredible new CD. Check out Tree O's website:

summervilla (1)
  Summervilla. Bassist Ross Sermons has played on all five CDs featured on this site, and recorded two additional CDs with the band (and others) at his ancestral home of Summervilla in North Carolina. Visit: for information about these CDs and Ross' music, which can be bought at CD Baby at When with the Band, he sings lead vocals on songs including "Spoonful" and "Paradise". Ross got married in 2012 and moved to Tasmania where he can be found making music at various locations on the island

Rusty Knox. A gifted story-teller (and listener), successful businessman and pillar of the community in Davidson, NC, Rusty has now come out with a terrific CD, “Reason Why”. Danny Carter, Tim Carter and Ross Sermons all play on it, so those who love the band’s music are likely to hear a sound that is familiar, with some different twists. It was recorded at Tree O Studios owned by the Carter Brothers. Speaking about this CD, Rusty said, “The songs on ‘Reason Why’ are songs that I hope people can relate to. They are not intricate phrases filled with symbolism and metaphors, just good stories for you to listen to. My goal was to have a product that could cross genres and appeal to a wide group of listeners.” To buy CDs or to contact Rusty, email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

michael orlando
  Michael Orlando. One of the great mandolin players of our time, Michael has recorded several CDs and often plays with the Carter Brothers Band. His incomparable song “Chronicle” is a staple of the band’s performances, whether Michael is around or not, and there is a great version of it on Tim Carter’s CD “Bang Bang”. He is based in Davidson, North Carolina. 
chris    Chris Cook. An incredibly innovative musician who has now signed on with Tree O Records, Chris plays regularly in Europe, along the eastern seaboard, and in Key West. His latest CD "Remembering" is a masterpiece of his genre, which he calls "Funky Country." Visit his website

Randy Morrow. Hailing from Kansas City, Randy plays drums with the band during their Key West gigs and sometimes up north. You can see him playing on YouTube. He is also an expert kayak instructor. His rates are quite reasonable for small group tours and instruction. If you are headed to the Florida Keys, contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Red Seidman. Red tragically passed away in November 2007, but his music lives on. Visit for a taste of what this incredible fiddle player was capable of. His wife Diane, an amazing woman working every day to make this a better world, has her own website focused on health and healing. Visit you won't regret it!




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