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Carter Brothers Fan Club Blog

The Fifth Night (9/5/09)

Created: Saturday, 05 September 2009

Welcome to my final blog from Key West this week. It's been an amazing five days.

Well before the band took the stage on Friday, I visited the band house where Danny cooked up some fish that I had caught the day before on the charter boat owned by local fan/friend Rich Houde. Yellowtail snappers - yum! Danny is a renaissance man for sure - not just a great musician, but a talented cook. Ross and Tim joined in for a huge and tasty meal. (For information on Rich's charter boat, visit -- it's one of the best in the entire Keys, and quite reasonably priced.)

The Fourth Night (9/4/09)

Created: Saturday, 05 September 2009

Thursday night was big fun, with the crowds growing larger, especially for the first set. By popular demand, "Black as Love" was played due to requests coming from as far as San Diego. The band had not played Danny's much-loved song from his Barcelona CD in a while, and the rust showed at the beginning -- but the guitar solo at the end was incredible, sending the crowd into a frenzy (by Key West standards). Many of those who had heard the band many times appreciated that Danny's voice was stronger than usual - due to the demands of his tour schedule it sometimes gets a little raspy, but not this week!

The First Night (9/1/09)

Created: Tuesday, 01 September 2009

The first night the Carter Brothers play in Key West has moments of musical genius and inspiration, a few missteps (i.e., "working out the kinks"), and joyous reunions with friends and fans. Last night was no exception. Some broken strings on Tim's mandolin altered the format towards the end of the second set, but once the band got into a groove, the music sounded great and the crowd spilled into the parking lot despite the fact that this town is otherwise as dead as I have ever seen it.

The Third Night (9/3/09)

Created: Thursday, 03 September 2009

Wednesday began early for the Carter Brothers, as they did a live session at KONK-AM, a local radio station. They talked about their journeys and influences as musicians and played several songs live including Shacktown Road, Green River, and Radio Girl. The hour-long segment began with a recorded version of "Fungus Amungus" - one of my all-time faves - off of the band's Cracks in the Floor CD. (Information about how to listen to a tape of this segment will be posted on various Carter Brothers related websites soon.) Stefan Wishearth, who conducted the interview with humor and grace, had come out to hear the band play Tuesday night and returned last night.

Heading to Key West (8/31/09)

Created: Monday, 31 August 2009

For me, nothing beats the feeling of heading to Key West knowing that I'll be hearing the Carter Brothers play at the Hog's Breath Saloon that night. After hearing them play maybe 25 times over the last three years, it is one of the things that brings me pure joy. While the band rolls out their amazing tunes, whatever worries I have remain as far away as can be imagined. Talk about a stress reduction strategy!

The Second Night (9/2/09)

Created: Wednesday, 02 September 2009

With Key West continuing to be so deserted, we were anticipating a small crowd, particularly when drummer Randy Morrow said that Mondays are good for locals to come but after that, late summer crowds for live music can be tiny up until the weekend. Well, for the first set in particular, every seat was filled and the parking lot was even fuller than the night before. The band really hit their groove, too - the music and energy was certainly a cut above the night before.

The Magic of Hearing the Bros.

Created: Wednesday, 01 July 2009

I've been following the Carter Brothers for nearly three years now, and have heard them play at five different venues in North Carolina, and more nights than I can remember in Key West. The sense of community amongst those who gather to hear them play is palpable, and for me, incredibly refreshing. In fact, it is one of the best things about hearing the band, besides their terrific music.


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