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A Welcome Message


From the Founder of the Carter Brothers Fan Club

It has been a labor of love to develop and launch this latest version of the Carter Brothers Fan Club website, in collaboration with a growing network of fans and the band itself.

Since I received the go-ahead from the band to develop the fan club in January 2008, I have been hard at work in my volunteer capacity, assisted by my wife Emily and a growing number of volunteers throughout.  You can hear about the band and my adventures with them on the fan club blog and also the fan club Facebook page, on which many people post.

Now, with the Band signed on with Compass Records and the release of their triumphant albut "The Road To Roosky," the fan club will have awesome opportunities to promote, support, and have a good 'ole time with these rising stars who come from the storied Carter Family music dynasty.

Among the unique features of this website are lyrics from most of their songs and the most comprehensive set of links to the band's YouTube videos. This site aims to be a social networking hub and "one stop shopping" for those who love the Carter Brothers Band's unique sound and refreshing approach to life.  You can shop for Carter Brothers and Fan Club gear of all kinds.

Especially for those of you new to the Carter Brothers, please sample the band's music -- there are 18 of the band's greatest songs that you can listen to on this site -- and see how you can support it. A good way to start is by registering on the site which will automatically put you on our free mailing list.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. Send them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Alex Counts, President
Carter Brothers Fan Club

4111 Hamilton Street . Hyattsville MD 20781


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